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  • Books

    • Tanakh

      • Tanach Machon-mamre
        Jewish texts, including four different language editions of the Tanach (Hebrew, Aramaic, English, and an edition that compares the Hebrew and English translation).

      • Aleppo Codex
        The Aleppo Codex is an old manuscript of the Bible, reflecting the Masora very exactly, written by the renowned Masorete, Aharon Ben Asher.

      • Pentateuch. Eretz Israel. 10th century
        Manuscript. Eretz Israel, 10th century. Parchment. 270 folios. 432x385 mm. Three columns. Written in a fine, large bold, Oriental square script, fully vocalized and with accents..

      • Bible. Spain, 1260
        Manuscript. Burgos, Spain, 1260. Parchment. 428 folios. 305x270 mm. Sefardi square script. Three columns per page (Proverbs, Job and Psalms in two columns) .

      • Bible. Spain, 1341
        Manuscript on parchment. Saragossa, Spain, 1341. 3 volumes. 204, 206, 53 fols. 215x155 mm. Sefardi square script. 2 columns per page..

    • Tannaitic literature

      • Mishna Halacha Brura
        Links to many full-text books in rabbinic literature, in many editions, some searchable (Hebrew).

      • Tosefta
        Primary Textual Witnesses to Tannaitic Literature (Hebrew).

      • Mekhilta homepage
        The Mekhilta Textual Witnesses Database includes all extant manuscripts. It also includes a chart of comparison between the Constantinople editio princep and the Venice edition of 1545.

    • Amoraic literature

    • Halakha

    • Rabbinical literature

      • Works of the Rambam (JNUL collection)
        Manuscripts and early printed editions of the Rambam's works (Hebrew/English).

      • Otzar Ha-hokhma
        More than 37,000 searchable Hebrew books. (Available only in the Reference Department and the Judaica Reading Room)

      • Rare books JNUL collection
        Digital images of 100 rare books from the collection of the Jewish National and University Library, from the 15th century incunabula to 20th century works. Additional titles are added regularly.

      • Seforim online
        Out of print and rare books in Judaica that are in the public domain.

      • Responsa Project Bar Ilan
        The database includes the full-text of major Judaica works and over 80,000 items of Responsa literature, covering from the eighth century to the present. Includes short biographies of the authors.
        Free Access to the database is now available on the JNUL's computers.

      • Hebrew books
        More than 37,000 (rare) books written by American rabbis in the beginning of the 20th century, also includes biographies and periodicals. (Free download in PDF Format).

      • (CD-Rom in Judaica Reading Room)

    • Yizkor books

    • Hebrew literature

    • Yiddish books

      • Mendele: Forum for Yiddish Literature and Yiddish Language
        Yiddish literature and links to other Yiddish websites.

      • National Yiddish Book Center
        Over ten thousand Yiddish texts of the National Yiddish Book Center are now online

      • Yiddish Prints
        About 800 Yiddish books, printed from the middle of the 16th century through the early part of the 20th century, from the collection of the University of Frankfurt.

      • National Digital Library POLONA - Yiddish literature
        A selection of most outstanding representatives of Yiddish literature written before World War II.

    • Ladino books

  • Electronic journals
      • Malmad
        Free on-line full-text Hebrew periodicals (Hebrew/English).

      • DOAJ
        Directory of Open Access Journals including philosophy and religion.

      • JTS electronic journals
        English language periodicals on Jewish subjects.

      • Judaica Americana (JTS)
        100 pamphlets about Jewish life in the United States published between 1725-1900.

      • News about Jews (JTS)
        Digital images and catalog records of 259 American newspapers from the Abraham and Deborah Karp Collection of Early American Judaica, 1782-1898.

      • Compact Memory
        Jewish German periodicals published between 1837-1938 (German).

      • Exilpresse
        Full-text of 30 Jewish German newspapers published between 1933-1945 (German).

      • Early Hebrew Newspapers Project (from the JNUL collection)
        Images of major titles of early the early Hebrew press (19th and early 20th century). Includes: Halevanon, Hamagid, Havazelet,Hatzvi, Hazefirah, Hameliz, Davar.

Indexes to periodicals
Academic sites
  • Israel
      • Israel Government Portal
        Link to ministries and government services. (Hebrew/English/Arabic)

      • Central Zionist Archives
        Official archives of the Zionist movement. (English/Hebrew)

      • Yad Vashem Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Authority
        Homepage of Yad Vashem, documents the history of the Jewish people during the Holocaust period. (English/Hebrew)

      • Central Bureau of Statistics Israel
        Official statistical information of the State of Israel, including population censuses and information on other government institutions. (English/Hebrew)

Online Heritage
Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and other aids
  • Dictionaries
      • Morfix
        Hebrew-Hebrew and Hebrew-English. (Hebrew/English)

      • Academy of the Hebrew Language
        Hebrew technical and professional terms with English and Latin equivalents. (Hebrew)

      • Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature by Marcus Jastrow. Volume 1 ; Volume 2

      • Hebrew idioms

      • Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon of Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion (English interface)

  • Aids
      • Calendar converter
        Monthly Jewish calendar and ability to convert dates between Jewish and Gregorian calendars. (English/Russian)

Collected and edited by Rachel Steiner and Naomi Avraham
Latest update: June 2010