Search Options

The search options available for use with Rambi are inherent in the Aleph software and provide the user with more or less standard searching options. Two basic search options are available:

1. BROWSE - The Browse function enables you to scroll through an alphabetical index. In Rambi, Author, Subject, Section and Source indexes are available for browsing. Subject headings are in English except for proper nouns, which are usually given in their original language.
2. SEARCH - The Search function enables you to find records by entering keywords or phrases. A variety of search types are available that provide sophisticated search capabilities.
Generally, BROWSE and SEARCH retrieve records in either Hebrew or Latin characters, depending upon the interface language, but not both. Thus, a user interested in articles on a specific subject will need to search in Latin characters and again in Hebrew characters. One exception to this is a Browse in the Section index, which retrieves all records in that Section, regardless of language.

For more information about searching, consult Rambi Help on the Rambi Web catalog.

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